Oskido and DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle always mentions how blessed she is to have Oskido in her life. Their relationship is more than just being on Oskido’s label, but he has become like an older brother to her. He shows up for her and shows that he loves her through his actions. They both support each other when it comes to things they do on the sides as well.

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Zinhle has mentioned on few occasions that Oskido worries about her if things are not going well in her life, and he also celebrates her when she achieves or reaches her goals. When she was pregnant with her first child. Things were not really going well between her and the father of her child. Oskido got worried and had to step in and assist financially, because, according to DJ Zinhle, he was worried about her.

Oskido Gave DJ Zinhle 

The amount that she mentioned was not what most viewers had expected. She mentioned it as a normal amount. She said that he offered/ gave her R200 000 when she announced her first pregnancy. She said this during her reality show. This came after she was asked if she had told Oskido about her pregnancy. So she is wondering how much he will actually offer her this time around.

On her reality show, she is still going through the pregnancy journey. However, she has already given birth to her second daughter named Asante. She, together with the father of her child, MurdahBongz are super excited about the arrival of their daughter. Most people are in love with the couple's relationship since they now get to see them interacting with each other on the reality show. They have not yet posted the baby's face on their social media platforms at the moment. It might reach a point where they will decide to show the baby's face.
Oskido Gave DJ Zinhle