Kuli Roberts

It seems like when everything is not working out, the closest checkmate card is to become a politician. Well, not even the universe will favour what’s built on a lie.

She may have studied politics, but that doesn’t qualify her to fit to govern a municipality.

Sadly, Kuli Roberts' selection as the African Transformation Movement's new councillor candidate was short-lived, as she was requested to resign from her position.

Kuli was standing for councillor in Tshwane's Ward 65, but her campaign was called off after she was dismissed by her political party.

Last week, Mzwanele Manyi announced the addition of Kuli to their team "@kuliroberts, the one and only, has joined the winning team. Kuli, a servant, has agreed to serve the people of South Africa.

ATM Councillor Candidate for Ward 65 in Tshwane is Servant Kuli. We wish her the best of luck."

However, a few days later, he announced that Kuli would no longer be able to run for councillor due to secret circumstances.

Do you think politicians whose media career never worked, are fit enough to govern the country?