Kelly Khumalo

This evening on Idols SA, we got to see a different side of the contestants as they cooked for us. It was a weird and obvious advertisement to me and it made zero sense. I'm guessing it was for their sponsor Vodacom. But weird interlude aside, we got to see Kelly Khumalo, a highly requested guest judge perform and live at that. Resplendent in a golden number she sung her heart out on stage!

Unathi was choosing the songs to suit each contestant herself but I found her choices to be a little bit off. I think I expected her to push the envelope with her choices, not give us the status quo. Karabo did amazing with her rendition of Jennifer Hudsons famous song and Kevin killed his amaPiano song but there was nothing to show their depths or their different sides.

Kelly as a judge was strict, extremely so. She wasn't there to protect anyone's feelings. I was personally affected by her nonchalantly judging Kevin for focusing more on the dancing in his first performance. But it was true, she observed correctly and gave us views unfiltered which is what we should want in a judge. Cause honestly Unathi tends to tiptoe around the truth to avoid upsetting the contestants, Randall is too harsh, there needs to be a balance.
Kelly Khumalo

Though Berry's performance fell flat as she tried to do an Ariana Grande song, she stinks made it to the top 4. Her vocals failed her this week, severely. Maybe it was because Randall chose her song?

Daylin Sass was a surprise to me, I didn't expect him to be heading home and in the interest of being honest, I thought it would be S'22kile. She isn't as strong of a vocalist as the others. But her fans had other plans. I hope that Daylin Sass will be okay because vocally I think he was perfect.

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Source: Idols SA on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161