Giants Of The City
Will the truth eventually come out on what happened in Durban ? Anele has new developments in her life to share.

Finzo and Makopano something happened between them. They know each other naked. Serious especially after Makopano said Finzo wa tswafa. I knew hore Finzo underperformed. If they did big up to them they are no need to wash linen in public for clout. I guess after having a blast with DJ Finzo and his crew she deserved it. Nice one sis you made the tell-all interesting. Not Makopano saying "Ne ko galla" She owns the spotlight this one.

Not Makopano saying "Ne ko galla" She owns the spotlight this one

What is wrong with Anele, she’s pregnant with a guy who bought a prostitute right in front of her and they are still together. Anele needs to love herself more than this. The fact that he admits his intentions were to sleep with the prostitute is enough for a red card. He is used to this it's not the first time.

Anele has made an announcement about jer pregnancy. Was it necessary though? Who can tell Anele that holding a guy by pregnancy never worked in the '70s in the '80s in the '90s not even in this day and age, it will never work, instead mathata a qadile.


Anele is Pregnant from Gutu what kind of desperation is that. This Gutu guy doesn't love Anele she is just blinded by the love of this guy. Gutu and Anele are liars yeses what a messed up a couple. Gutu says Hloni tried to kiss him. To show that they were lying they weren't even sure about where the kissing incident took place. They are lying. Anele is covering up for her good for nothing boyfriend. It’s all planned. Chances are the Hloni incident didn't happen, Gutu and Anele don't want Hloni to throw stones. They mislead that it has to be a peck. How can she kiss while Anele was there?

I’m so confused as to why she’s not considering that because he’s a walking red flag. Gutu accused Hloni of trying to kiss him. To him and Anele, along Hloni acting holier than thou she kissed Gutu before that's why she is so invested in their relationship. I think this is that part of the show to add spice nje but I doubt it ever happened even this one of Makopano and Dj Finzo they were just acting nje to add dice to the show.