Sfiso Myeni

Former Orlando Pirates star Sfiso Myeni has been reported to be part of a big soccer publication news magazine kick-off magazine, he is one of the best left-wingers we have ever seen in this country.

He had a degree from wits, this shows he was raised by a good family who got him to a point of success and he never changed that as he became one of the greatest to walk through the Orlando stadium pitch.

He was a good dribbler back in the day, now he gives insight to the magazine and he tells them game predictions and insights to which players have the greatest prospects of taking the team to great heights.

Sfiso Myeni told the magazine that the best Orlando Pirates eleven in his own opinion include Teko Modise, Andile Jali, and Oupa Manyisa that was when Rude Krool from Germany was managing the club teaching them how to focus and break teams from the inside. His lifestyle is relatively okay, he is not complaining because he has taught himself how to leave a rather cheap life as he does not buy things that he does not need.

Myeni is a very humble soul when he speaks outside the soccer pitch, he was good even when he played for Wits University on those days he and Sfiso Vilakazi were the untouchables of the club, the things they managed to do were unbelievable to the naked eye.

People that know him personally call him a cheese boy, as at his house looking from the outside they did not need much but they always made things for him that is why he managed to complete a degree and played football to the highest level.

Source: https://twitter.com/KickOffMagazine/status/1442835639297355782