This week I was gobsmacked. I had thought this show had reached the lowest of the lows when last week we watched a man confess on national television that he dated a 16-year-old while he was 25 years old.

I thought to myself, it doesn't get worse than that and surely, the producers and Mseleku himself must've been laughing at my assumption. To say this episode was disturbing is to say it lightly. I was in tears by the time the show ended and as I write this I'm still upset.

The episode began with a man who had already made up his mind about what he intended to do. He had impregnated another woman, paid the bride price for her and made plans all without telling his wife. Now, this alone is frustrating and painful beyond belief. But to top it all off, his choice of a second wife is the world's biggest bully.

After declaring that she required no one to give her permission she proceeded to state that she was the pillar of the household and not his wife. But the part that truly broke my heart? When the wife was asked if he is a good husband. She broke down in tears.

Explaining how he doesn't fend for her needs. How he neglects her for months. How he paid for this other women's full lobola and did not even finish half of her own.

She was angry as she fumed at both the men, trying to get her point across and being choked by tears that didn't move her husband one bit. He was impassive as he insisted that he wanted a second wife, even when she walked out still in tears.

My only question is, how can anyone live with themselves after helping that man disrupt and devastate that woman. Her tears were a heavy burden on my shoulders and I hope she will be true to her word and leave him. No man is worth your peace of a kind, especially not Zulu men who do this.

Mseleku may have tried to abdicate himself about this with his closing words, but in my eyes, he is also guilty.

His agenda-pushing had reaped chaos and anger amongst women across the country. I guess with this I'm saying we should cancel Zulu men. It's not an easy petition to make because I am a Zulu woman. If that is too high a price then perhaps we should cancel the show.

It had emboldened men to disrespect their unions with their wives and on a public platform too.

Don't watch this show. Seriously. Don't.

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