Musa Mseleku

Musa Mseleku is a South African media personality and he is also a great television presenter as well and there is no doubt about that.

A lot of people know him from his reality television show called Uthando Nesthembu and that is also where we got to learn that he has four very beautiful wives whom he loves very and also ten children and three grandchildren.

The first one is Macele, the second one is Mayeni, the third one is Makhumalo and the last one is MaNgwabe.

The Mseleku's reality television show is back on our television screens and they are serving us nothing but beauty.

When the show started playing, the youngest kids were the ones that first spoke and Mayeni's son said that if anyone wants to be in a polygamy marriage,then he has to have money.

Fans commented about that and Twitter kept saying that he should school all those guys from Mnakwethu.

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