SINGER Lady Du left her Facebook fans confused recently.
Lady Du

This after she claimed to have 19 qualifications.

“I take everything I do seriously. You can put me anywhere, I have 19 qualifications. I’m not just a musician. I’ve worked with cars, in logistics, in the beauty industry, I have a firefighting qualification, health and safety. I have anatomy and physiology and mine is not the normal one,” she boasted.

But her credentials only exposed her for public scrutiny.

Lady Du said on her Facebook page that she is more than what the public knows about her. She stated that she had worked in the automotive, logistics, and beauty industries. Firefighting, health and safety, and anatomy and physiology are among his qualifications.

We're amazed by the fact that the Idols SA guest judge claims to have 19 qualifications. Lady Du isn't only a pianist; she has a slew of additional credentials, all 19 of them, to prove that she isn't to be trifled with.

She is in the prime of her profession, with a promising future ahead of her. The Amapiano singer recently made headlines when she claimed to be the most educated artist in Mzansi. Who could have ever thought that it was possible for someone to have so many qualifications? She is one person who is currently loved in the entertainment industry for the talent that she has given.

Her followers started questioning her age and if she knows the difference between a qualification and a certificate.

Temosho Thuto Sekgalah said: “These are short courses. Some do those in two days or a week then you get the certification. Rebotse ka 3 to 4 years thing shuuu.”

Adv That Lamola did the maths for her and said: “So it took you 12 years to get those 19 qualifications. You were born in 1991 and completed matric in 2003/2004.

So, are you sure they are qualifications or certificates or competencies? I have a feeling I’ll be blocked. She has to come back and explain how she got them.”

Sfundo Khambula also questioned her and said: “I wonder how long it took you to get 19 qualifications. If that’s the case it took you about 40 years to study.”

Ornica Mercy Malematsha asked whether she was counting from grade 1.

“Are you counting from grade 1 or after matric? Is it short courses? Anyway I’m inspired,” she wrote.

It is not clear what prompted her to list her qualifications but her Facebook sympathisers felt it had to do with her being the guest judge on Idols SA.

Most people on the Facebook Idols SA page were not impressed with her.

They made it clear that they want Somizi Mhlongo back on the show.

Lady Du told Daily Sun that the qualifications include one-year Diplomas and short courses.

She said: "I studied on a part-time basis when I was in Scotland. Some of them are one year courses and some are six months courses. Sometimes I'd do two courses simultaneously and that is why I got so many. It actually took me five years to complete all of them."

She said she is not lazy to study: " It's not difficult for me because I'm always indoors and I use my time wisely. As it is I am studying Music Law at UJ."