Kamogelo "Kamo" Mphela is a South African dancer who became a Twitter virus when a video of her dance circulated on the Medium to an Amapean tune. She has taken use of her Twitter stardom to go directly into South African awareness, to sing and to dance.
Kamo Mphela

Her dancing and music romance truly started when she was a kid. Now older, Kamo continues with dance and music. Her renown is universal already.

"Kamo" Kamogelo is an Amapean dancer from South Africa who became a virus of Twitter after a video of her dance surfaced on the medium. She used her Twitter studies to become immediately aware of the people and sing and dance in South Africa.

When she was a child, her dance and musical romance actually began. Kamo now goes on with dance and music older. Its reputation is already ubiquitous.

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