Dj melzi and Andiswa Selepe who called herself the bomb on social media platforms have been dating for quite some time, they have been travelling the world and out of the countries, the two have been staying together after he engaged her.

Andiswa Selepe was born in 2003 and she is only 18 years old, and still in grade 12. She always goes out with her boyfriend every time when he has a gig and some of the people would complain that she must focus on her studies but she insisted and go again so that she can take videos while her man is on the stage. 

The recent picture of his car which was found in north-west people said that he was with a girl and they didn’t mention the name. However, some are saying that he was cheating and why didn’t he take her fiance with him if he was going to perform because he always goes out with her every time.

He also posted on Instagram that people are just causing scenes and looking for trouble but since he is a public figure he needs to tell the people if it's true and apologizes to his fiancé since he engaged her and want to spend the rest of her life with her. The two had posted their pic 3 days together, which shows that nothing will separate them. But Andiswa wants said that she does not tolerate negativity, let's hope she won’t tolerate this either.

The girl whom Melzi cheated with, also took a picture next to his car, although they are assumptions that says that he cheated with a slender girl, the main girl who cheated with him took a picture next to his car.

Andiswa has not yet said anything to all her social media platforms since 3 days ago.