Cape Town Is Not a Black People Friendly Place

A young South African lady have cried out against the racism in Cape Town. She lamented that the racism in Cape Town is sickening, declaring that no amount of beauty can overshadow it. She wrote, “Cape Town is not a black people friendly place. No amount of beauty can overshadow the racism here”. Many people confirmed that they have also been victims of racism in the town, lamenting that it is time that the government address this issue. 

Another person wrote, "All my life I've lived in Johannesburg and the only time I’ve experienced racial profiling was when I moved to Cape Town in a predominantly white complex, and I was asked by the white residents on numerous occasions while doing something as random as going for a jog if, “I live here”.

Furthermore, some people claim that they have lived in Cape Town without experiencing racism. They observed that it hugely depend on the area of Cape Town where you are living. Another Lady observed that she had lived in Cape Town for a long time and have never experienced racism. She further disclosed, “I have been living in the Western Cape for over 10 years…7 years of that in Cape Town,, but I haven't experienced this kind of racism that people are talking about. What I know is that abelungu are just not friendly human beings”. Some people declared that they are now nervous about the place after hearing about the racism in the place. 

A lady who recently moved to Cape Town wrote, “I just moved to Cape Town and as someone who was raised in KwaZulu-Natal and worked in Johannesburg where racism was not tolerated, I'm nervous now because I know I don't have the bandwidth to deal with racism”. Even whites in other parts of South Africa have also cried out that they too are experiencing racism from some black people,, especially members of the Economic Freedom Fighters. 

The racism in South Africa is predominant because of the multicultural diversity in some towns. The rainbow nation is now being besieged by various reports of racism both against blacks and whites. Even the colored people are not left out.