Never underestimate the power of good fatherhood. No man is as happy as the one who gets to watch his own children rip the fruits of what he has taught them. Arthur Mafokate is one of those lucky and hard-working fathers in South Africa.

People have always admired the way that he raised his children, the manner that he allowed and helped them to become what they wanted to become without actually realising how much he has been helping himself to become the proud father that he is today.

We all know that Owami has been one of the busiest DJs lately which means her father has now taught her enough. On the 28th of July, Owami was announced by the committee of Amapiano Music Awards as one of the best female DJ nominees. Arthur was proud of that moment as he took to Instagram to congratulate her.

Lately, Arthur has been telling people to get ready as something is said to becoming. Yesterday he finally announced that Owami will be dropping her first studio album titled "Ready." The announcement was made via Arthur's Instagram page, Owami's Instagram page and Their family's Instagram page. Chomee who is another lady that has been in Swami's life since her days as a young kid also posted about the news of Swami's upcoming album via her Instagram page.

Mafokate went on to confirm that there is something special about the month of September, especially the September of this year. What makes this September stand out from the rest is the fact that Owami will not only be dropping her first studio album but also celebrates her birthday in the same month. He promises that September is just going to be hot like his daughter's upcoming album.

The fans are saluting Arthur for taking care of his children with both hands. They even refer to him as super dad and they cannot hide how much he inspires them to be good parents when their time comes.

Arthur has proven that it does not only take a good husband to be a good father. The man managed to raise children of different mothers, different qualities and characters all by himself. Yes, Owami does pay visits to her mother Queen Sesoko, but we all know the role that Arthur has played in her success.