Ntando Duma And Sicelo Buthelezi

It has been a while now since Ntando Duma is single and focusing on the growth of her baby, including progressing her career. And find the love of her will be the greatest joy to her fans. However, it might be happening soon as she and the popular Gomora Actor Sicelo Buthelezi are being suspected to be a couple.

This is following their very close friendship which was recognised after Sicelo posted Ntando on his social media, then captioned "friend". Then Ntando replied with a heart.

To make matt worse, he also attended Ntando's glamorous 26th birthdays, which even rose suspicions more. The fans took to the comments section to inform the two about how they feel about them being together. Some even said that they could tell they are a relationship even though they have not announced anything. Both the stars have not commented on the rumours.