Mnakwethu’s MaShelembe
Her family’s spokesperson Bheki Shelembe informed Daily Sun that her baby-daddy Bheki Langa never paid lobola for MaShelembe.

“He instead paid damages for getting her pregnant and to cleanse the Shelembe household.”

“Therefore we didn’t recognise Langa as our son-in-law.”

The spokesperson further stated that they were not aware of the emotional abuse their daughter was going through until she appeared on the show.

The family hoped that Langa would eventually do the right thing and marry MaShelembe when she moved in with him.

MaShelembe’s family also stated that they were surprised to learn that he paid lobola for another woman instead.

The Shelembes are angered by Langa’s actions and feel undermined because they were expecting Langa to pay lobola for their daughter first.

The family had a meeting and fetched their daughter from Langa’s house after the show aired and she ended things with him.

“We support her decision and encourage her to start afresh and learn to be independent.”


MaShelembe has also confirmed that she has moved out of Langa’s house and has broken up with him.

“What hurts me most is that he paid lobola for someone else while he was still living with me.”

“I left him because I want him to choose between her and me.”

A confused Langa told the People’s Paper that he is unaware that MaShelembe dumped him and insists that she is his wife.

“I am not aware that she dumped me because we talk every day on WhatsApp.”

“If that’s the case, she must be bold enough to tell me. I won’t stand in her way.”