Zodwa reveal why hates Zahara
Zodwa Wabantu recently left the internet wilding after she claimed that she had a one-night stand with Black Motion's Thabo 'Smol' Mabogwane.

The entertainer made the revelation to Lasizwe on a recent episode of Drink Or Tell The Truth.

As part of the game, which can be likened to truth or dare (where the dare is to drink a nasty concoction), the pair ask each other risky questions, expecting truthful replies.

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Lasizwe asked Zodwa who she had recently had sex with after meeting them at a groove.

A collective gasp vibrated on the TL when Zodwa replied, “Someone famous that I f*cked, ... I think three weeks back, was Thabo from Black Motion ... Yes we had sex. Yes it's not a secret. Apparently he has a girlfriend ... It's none of my business.”

Zodwa's interview has been trending on social media with many people commenting on her controversy.

Zodwa made a comment about Zahara saying that she “hates” Zahara and that she believes Zahara is a “b*tch”.

In the episode, Zodwa also solved the mystery of why she “hates” Zahara.

As it turns out, Zahara apparently got an invite to Zodwa's birthday celebration and when it was Zodwa's turn to go on stage at the said celebration, Zahara went up there and started staring down Zodwa, in a way that Zodwa felt was meant to humiliate her.

Since social media caught wind of their alleged “beef” they've been nagging Zahara for her side of the story. However, the Loliwe hitmaker can't be bothered.

Answering a tweep who asked about the beef, Zahara said: “Don't drag me into that mess!”