His stepfather might not approve of the lyrics in a song he released. His mother and stepfather were married recently. They've parted ways for the time being. In Public, Sophie and her estranged husband, Max, have remained deafeningly silent. He didn't have a nice relationship with his stepfather.

Sophie and Themba Ndaba's son, Lwandle Ndaba, is also a rapper. The ocean is his stage name, and his parents are quite proud of him. His parents are still very much a part of his life, despite the fact that they divorced many years ago.

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His songs clearly depict his stepfather as a devil who steals and destroys people's hearts. According to the lyrics, he used Sophie's celebrity status to expand his business. He stated the man had to sleep with his best friend (Lwandle). He cheated with another lady, and she became pregnant with his child as if that wasn't awful enough. Through his lyrics, he also says that his mother had depression as a result of this man's doings.

He has since removed the song, the lyrics, and anything related to the song from his Instagram account. The serious allegations he made on the song are quite serious and can ruin someone's reputation. As a businessman, Max stands to lose a lot, as he may lose some opportunities over the Gender-Based Violence allegations. Sophie has not come out to say anything as yet, and it is therefore not clear if she has opened any case against her ex-husband. He could have been threatened for such serious allegations he made without posting the proof.