South Africa continues to be a country with a lot of vibes; despite the difficulties we are now facing, it appears that people are all about vibe, as it helps them forget about their issues.

We've seen several videos of lovely females dancing to fantastic music at a fuel station, but this latest video had many in stitches. I have to admit that South Africans are extremely brilliant when it comes to dancing; they truly possess abilities.

A video of a young lady dancing at a garage has gotten everyone talking, but what really got people talking was how thrilled the young lady was by the dance.

He temporarily forgot he was at work when he found himself dancing with the young girl; the crowd was left in stitches as the petrol attendant kept feeling the lady's petrol tank till it was full.

The unfortunate thing is that the lady only purchased R150 worth of petrol and ended up with a full tank due to the pump attendant becoming preoccupied.

As much as he liked seeing the lady, he will receive only half of his income as a result of his activities. It's rather amusing how much he was enjoying watching the lady dance; nevertheless, it appears as though he will have to bear the repercussions at month's end when he receives his paycheck.

"Nowadays, petrol attendants are responsible for setting a petrol bowser. If you pour 300rands worth of petrol, you set the browser to precisely that amount, which is not possible with the VW Polo's 59-litre petrol tank capacity "one of the tweeps stated.