Somizi and MacG
Somizi Mhlongo's past comes back to hurt him hardy. He finds himself trending again after the interview he had with MacG on the radio. He had a frank conversation with the podcast presenter MacG in 2015, but some of his remarks may have crossed the line to the ears of listeners who have now turned their backs on him.

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MacG was on the show when he was 12 years old (2000-2005). Some said he had a crush on him when he was on the show meaning he had a crush on a minor while he was a full-grown adult (he was 28 when MacG was 12). That's why I said he was 28 crushing on a 12-year-old.

MacG got dismissed from a radio station where he after tells Somizi about a moment in his life when he was broke and depressed. Then the Ask A Man presenter confesses to having an intense love for him but never found the appropriate time to ask him out coupled with the fact that MacG was so young and “looked like a 12-year-old” at that time.

MacG: "I was depressed & broke, it was after I was fired."
Somizi: "Damn, where was I to pounce on you, I've always had a crush on you but you were too young"
MacG: "But I'm only into girls"
Somizi: "But when you vulnerable anything goes".
Notice how MacG was heavily cancelled for saying something offensive, which they claimed was supposed to be taken as a joke, on his show but this behaviour here is supposed to be lighthearted and an honest joke. That's Somizi and MacG interview is grounds for us to believe Mohale. as it should be and always should have been. He said he was over 18 but still looked 12, which vid were you listening to that said MacG was 12.

"I've always had a crush on you(lomtwana wase YoTv) ...even when you were over 18 you still looked 12". This means he had a crush on him way before he turned18.

Are we now going to forget Somizi's sense of humour based on his current challenges and allegation?

He's always been that guy that speaks a lot of extra things for humour, I mean even MacG is laughing, knowing Somizi's persona. Let's not personalize things, to fit the narrative of today.

Mac G had to keep the interview going but you can see his uncomfortable. Mac G says he's into girls and Somizi is like when u vulnerable etc. This is very creepy so it's like Somizi has no respect for one's sexuality, He will take advantage of your vulnerability,That's predatory