The Fergusons have shared the links for the public to use to view the private funeral service of Shona Ferguson, as he is laid to rest today.
Shona Ferguson

The Fergusons took to Twitter on Tuesday, 3 August 2021, to share a post detailing links for the public to view the funeral of the late television executive and leading man, Shona Ferguson. The passing of the 47-year-old was announced on Friday, 30 July 2021. The Kings of Joburg lead actor, ahead of the announcement of his passing, had garnered public support as it was shared that his health was deteriorating.

Pray For Shona was the social media activation that was launched ahead of the announcement of his passing. The statement, more than confirming his passing, was aimed at rebutting suggestions that his passing was due to a heart operation. The statement asserted that Ferguson passed due to COVID-19-related complications. This is a fact which has raised questions on the matter of vaccinations and their efficiency.

On Tuesday, the family released a memorial and funeral update. The statement asserted that the funeral for the actor would be held on Wednesday, 4 August 2021. Moreover, that the funeral will be attended by family members only. The belief, considering the turnaround, was that the family would host a separate memorial service. However, the latest post has consented that the funeral will also be attended by close friends of the family too.

That being said, the post also confirmed that the family will host the two services simultaneously. The memorial service for the late actor is set to begin virtually from 08:00 on Wednesday. The public will be able to view the procession via the shared links. The funeral arrangements were handled in-house, as the funeral parlour is stipulated as Aaron Arthur Ferguson Funeral Services.

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