Scandal! has confirmed the departure of Gorbachev and Mamba, as the show prepares for the imminent introduction of the Kubeka family.
Gorbachev and Mamba’s Scandal! took to Twitter on Tuesday, 3 August 2021, to confirm the end of the road for characters, Gorbachev and Mamba. The characters were played by Khulu Skenjana and Simo Magwaza, respectively. The characters were introduced as antagonistic characters in the world of the story. Hence, their deaths in the story followed a tragic ending.

According to a promotional statement shared on the day, “Mamba finally hears the truth about two people he always trusted. Boniswa (Mamba’s current wife) confesses to Mamba that his trusted 2IC (Gorbachev), has lied to him for over 20 years. Mamba’s only son, Duma, is not his own but was fathered by Gorbachev’s. It turns out that Gorbachev slept with Mamba’s ex-wife many years ago.”

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The statement added, “When confronted with the truth, Gorbachev refuses to go down alone and reveals to Mamba that Boniswa tried to poison him numerous times. Mamba is the last to know the ongoing secrets and lies. The guns are drawn and Mamba and Gorbachev kill each other in a heated crossfire.”

The demise of the two characters opens more room for the imminent entry of the Kubekas, which will introduce other supporting characters. The Kubekas are set to make their debut in September 2021.

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