SA’s favourite television lawyer, Sandra Stein is set to make her return to The Queen this week, however, the reason for her return has yet to be disclosed.

Sandra Stein TV lawyer

Shannon Esra took to Twitter on Friday, 30 July 2021, to confirm that South Africa’s favourite on-screen lawyer, Sandra Stein is set to return to television screens. According to an interview Esra featured in, the star is set to reprise the role on the first production to feature Sandra Stein, The Queen. Her last television appearance was during the transition between season one and the latest season of Gomora.

During her interview, Esra did not detail the reason for her return to The Queen, however, she did confirm that it is certainly going to continue exciting viewers as much as before. Considering that on The Queen, Esra’s character represents the Khoza family, her storyline will most likely involve the continued discord between members of the Khoza and Sebata families.

Esra did not detail any further information. The date of her return to screens has not been confirmed yet, however, it will be this week.

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