In one of his popular song, R Kelly sing "I believe I can fly". But with the recent revelations in the New York court, everyone now believes that he is the fly. Term the predator by the judge, R Kelly used his status as a celebrity to lure girls who were not even in their puberty.

He went on to abuse them to fulfill his devious needs and kept them as a slave to sleep with under his basement. All this he did while he knew that he was sick with STDs spreading diseases to all these young innocent girls. Kelly tried to defend himself yesterday that all his relationships were consensual but he couldn't defend the reason why he slept with them knowing that he is sick with a non-curable disease.

His lawyer argues that all these little girls were just fans who couldn't resist the fame and fortune of R Kelly and the lifestyle that follows. He went on to say that he never runs and massive organization to look for girls to molest as alleged by the prosecution. But his defense falls short when the state argues that there are millions of people more popular and richer than R Kelly but we never saw them taking advantage of little girls.

The late singer Aaliyah, who prosecutors said married Kelly when she was only 15 years old is the victim that will surely put R Kelly on the guillotine. When he learned that she was pregnant R Kelly cut his tour and flew back to Chicago to discuss how to stay out of jail. Which verdict him that he was aware that the girl was just a toddler.

R Kelly was also recording the tapes to make sure that all these girls would be afraid of exposing him when they grow up knowing that the tapes will be leaked. Beyond the molesting of girls, he would also physically abuse them. Girls testify that they were beaten, choked, or staved when they want to leave his mansion.