Luyanda Potwana

Whenever a show goes through changes whether it's a time slot or changing a presenter, viewers seem to be affected the most. The popular SABC 1 show that has been airing for the past decade, has announced new changes and viewers seems to be against their new choice. Luyanda Potwana has been the face and presenter of the controversial show that aims to help couples who are facing challenges in their relationships.

Luyanda Potwana has been a presenter of the show since its first season, he has been praised for his ability to handle sensitive matters on national TV with dignity and for being against gender-based violence against women in South Africa. The show had to part ways with the presenter, according to reports he is currently in the United Kingdom furthering his education. This has led to having a new presenter who has to fill in the shoes of Potwana.
Andile Gaelesiwe
Andile Gaelesiwe is known to many as the presenter of Khumbul' Ekhaya, she is no stranger to the SABC as she has been on the show for the past 15 years. The presenting gig has been handed to Andile, Nyan Nyan aired its the first episode tonight with the female presenter. Viewers were not pleased to see her on their TV screen, they stated that it wasn't fair to hand over a job to someone who's already established and already presenting on the same channel.
Andile Gaelesiwe

A number of fans wanted their favourite presenter back as his presence was felt, whilst some stated that they should open up the industry to fresh young talent. According to some viewers, the presenter is not suitable for the job because she's what they call rude, they believe she's not built for a show like Nyan Nyan.