Good news for everyone who applied for the 350 unemployment grant. The new applicants who have already submitted all their documents and applications successfully this news are for them. The grant payment dates are finally out even though there are a lot of applications that are still pending because of the high volume of applications. Those who are approved can expect their payments starting from tomorrow.

Things are different for this srd 350 this time. Applicants won't have to wait for weeks before their applications get approved. It will take only a few days to see whether your application is approved or declined. Those who have pending applications need to wait for few days then their status will change. And this time around the applicants was asked to submit their bank details upfront so that the payments will be fast. So that everyone will be paid on the given date. This will make the system run fast.

The August payments will run from 23 August till the 30 of August. Sassa has assured that applicants whose applications will be approved are expected to be paid from Monday. And for those who have already submitted their bank accounts, the payments will be directed straight to them. But those who will be using the post office as their collection they will have to wait a bit longer. Post office dates are still not out only those who are using the bank can check their IDENTITY number below.

Post office people must always check the news because their dates will be out soon. If you are not yet approved don't expect any payments. Wait until your status moves from pending to approved. Those who have questions can comment below. If you haven't applied for the card yet the application dates are still opened. You can still apply using the link that was given to you by Mrs. Zulu. We hope everyone can't wait to receive the money there was promised by the president.

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