American Rapper Ms Boogie

As a Nigerian, your brain automatically reacts to the Nigerian transgender, Daniel Anthony, when you hear the name Jay Boogie. However, before Daniel Anthony arrived in the trans world, there was one person named Jay Boogie, and we would talk about this Jay Boogie in this essay.

Ms Boogie, formerly known as Jay Boogie, is one of the world's most popular transgenderers who has done wonderfully in the trans-world and who does not exaggerate 'she and woman' as she appears whole, woman.


Ms. Boogie, born on 8 April 1991 when Jay Boogie debuted her name, Rose Isabel Rayos, who takes her grandmother's name, is a Brooklyn-based American Rapper. The lovely lady is a Colombian and Dominican descent, who lived in Brooklyn, East New York the majority of her life.


The skilled transgender is a wonderful rapper who works extremely well in the entertainment industry because she has already released several tracks. According to the research, Ms Boogie started playing her music in a rave circuit warehouse in New York 6 years ago.

Ms Boogie was successful in a highly dominated male business as she entered into the New York Ballroom to receive the acclaim that later bent with her rap style. The musical objectives of Ms Boogie are to promote, encourage and empower Black transsexual women.


According to Boogie, she believes her journey to her destiny is unavoidable, to regain her control of the feminine. The popular transgender is a trans militant who actively helped Bobrisky in her transition years. Twice on her Instagram profile, the lovely lady shared the Nigerian cross-dresser, indicating Bobrisky's support.

The 30 years old Ms Boogie has totally evolved and would inspire the likes of Bobrisky, Nigerian Jay Boogie, etc, who hope to become one of the world's most important transgender.

What do you think of this incredible transformation?

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