Khanyi Mbau

Reality show star Lasizwe Dambuza and Youtuber realized he was on the brink of stick burning on Twitter people have called for an answer to the 2 million ts raised to help students struggling to pay for their studies. Endjaw issued an official statement and expressed disappointment at how his fellow South Africans had handled everything.

His sister Khanyi Mbau responded to him and said that this would break her heart because he knew that Lasizwe was coming from a good place.

She also asked to explain what happened to the Fundi fund. "This breaks my heart. It's possible that you are very bad for my brother as well as our good gestures and we have forgotten our intentions after Lasizwe started this," she said.

Can I get an explanation for this unfortunate incident affecting the country of Fanda? "

In his live video, he thanked everyone who contributed and said that the R2 million could not be raised without their help. After that, he and his team added that there are no Crown Pandas. Therefore, they partnered with an organization called Fundi.

"Hello everyone who saw it. This is the last time I've mentioned or talked about this. First of all, I would like to thank all the people who have contributed to R10's long journey.

Without your donation, we wouldn't have raised Rs 2 million. Second, I and the team are not crowdfunding.

We have never done crowdfunding. It's my first time, and I said I don't want to make a mistake because it's my first time.

What did we say you knew? Let's partner with an organization called Fundi to access the university. They can see which students have enrolled. "He explained in part.

According to the statement, all funds have been transferred to Fundi's account, some businesses are still awaiting tax liquidation.

"We transferred all the money to Fundy's account, and some companies were still waiting for taxes, customs clearance, the company to transfer the money to Fundi's account Instructed by.

Fundi manages everything. At this point ... in fact, why are the students who benefited from this effort so quiet? Why quiet? You have a fire, you see people fighting, you are quiet. All the students who benefited from this initiative stood up and said, "Can I say'my tuition was paid'?"

He added. After finishing the footage, he was disappointed and said that South Africans would not appreciate their efforts. "I have come to the situation where I try to say that the people of South Africa do not have" thank you "We are not grateful. Yes, to some extent, we understand why we live in a country full of corruption, but we don't understand. But we are not all. "