Dudu Ngwenya better known as Lady Du is rapper, singer, songwriter, producer

Dudu Ngwenya better known as Lady Du has taken their passing very badly. Taking to her social media earlier this morning, she shared her last Whatsapp conversation with Mpura. “Our last text messages are what breaks me, my brother left me, we fought like siblings, we loved each other like siblings.
It’s been an overwhelming morning for South Africa as we’re all trying to wrap our heads around the untimely deaths of Mpura, Killer Kau, Khanya Hadebe, Thando thot and another individual whose identity has not yet been revealed.

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“We had soo much to do GOD. yhoooo kubhlungu @mpura mpura plans for the weekend, we wanted to surprise gogo by performing together on her set.”

In the WhatsApp conversations she shared, she was encouraging him to always pray. Mpura revealed his plans to take over the entertainment to Lady Du but she insisted that he always pray. Some fans in her comment section speculated that she might have predicted his untimely passing. Lady du, however, has asked for some privacy to mourn.

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In her emotional IG live from yesterday, she reminded people to be mindful of how celebrities feel and to stop being intensive toward their feelings. 

“I don’t think I wanted to even do this, but I feel like I want to do it There are things that I think a lot of people need to understand and that is we are not celebrities when we lose our brothers. We are not celebrities when we are in pain. Nobody can ever handle the pain of losing people that they care about. People that have helped them grow in every way possible.” She said in part.