Is there trouble in paradise for actress Khabyi Mbau who recently find love in the arms of a Zimbabwean man? Mzansi could not help but wonder what could have been happening between the two lovers. After so many months of Khanyi Mbau struggling to find love where we least expected Khanyi find love.

Talking about the social media page Khanyi has been serving us with beautiful pictures on social media. The two looks are so happy and so in love. Zimbabwean man is known to have taken her to vacation where the drama started. According to the source, the Zimbabwean man has been working very hard to take care of Khanyi lavish life. It has been revealed that while the couple were on vacation Khanyi went AWOL after her Zimbabwean boyfriend dropped her off at the salon. Apparently, the guy had to spend the night alone while Khanyi went out doing what God knows.

It's not clear what is going on between the two but according to the sources, the Zimbabwean guy took it to social media where he revealed that he spends the night alone. According to the source, it seems like Khanyi has made fool of him. The sources say that before he dropped her off salon Khanyi told him to go home and attend his zoom meetings and cooks only to find out that he will have to eat alone.

Khanyi has been lucky to have found a man to take care of her and to meet her all her needs. We all know that Khanyi's life is expensive, yet the guy still managed to maintain it. According to the source, her boyfriend takes care of her including her daughter. You can imagine the number of school fees that her daughter could cost. The guy pays for her daughter’s school fees. We are now wondering what could be her excuse. We are waiting for her mini statement to hear what happened to her, where she did she run into.