Kelly Rowland and Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda is a South African media personality. She has extensive experience in the field. She has been publicly humiliated and bullied because of her weight. Her images capture her weight loss experience. She's one of those curvaceous women who's always been that way.

She's recently been sharing photos that have gained a lot of attention. The majority of women are envious of her weight loss, and some are interested as to how she did it. Although she didn't mention she'd lost weight, the photos speak for themselves. Anele appears to be in good physical condition and appears to be healthy.

Kelly Rowland is not gorgeous without make-up, she once tweeted, and people don't seem to forget. Every time Kelly publishes a new photo, they remind her. When will people be able to forget about it and go on? It's been over a year since she took down the tweet. Kelly posted a picture this evening, and Anele is Trending more than Kelly on Twitter.