JJ Tabane vs Redi Tlhabi
Two well known South African journalists caught up in the fight due to their differences on the current political landscape in South Africa.

Redi Tlhabi is a South African journalist, producer, author and former radio presenter. She presented The Redi Tlhabi Show on Radio 702 for over a decade. Her broadcasting career spans years spent at Kaya FM, being a newscaster for the SABC and later, eMedia Holdings owned eNews Channel Africa, eNCA.

Dr Onkgopotse JJ Tabane is the Editor of Leadership Magazine and Anchor of Power to Truth on ENCA. He holds a PhD in media studies from Wits University. He is CEO of a communications company Sgwili Media Group and is the Author of Let's Talk Frankly.

Redi Tlhabi and Dr JJ Tabane exchange some words on Twitter because of how they see things differently.

Redi Tlhabi shared that, "Not every talk show host is a journalist (nothing wrong with that and I support media opening up to industry experts) but if the content of a talk show is political & news, then I doubt such hosts can also INITIATE political action or be coms advisors to political figures at the SAME time".

She was responding to Dr JJ and he got angry and that is where blow by blow begins on Twitter between these two journalists.