Gone wrong Heist

Suspected #CITRobbery kingpin arrested right after he was found on the scene trapped inside the vehicle he used to ram the vehicle that transports money at north Pretoria.

South African police service report about the heist that went wrong in Pretoria when.

An anonymous bystander on the scene witnessed the most shocking moments of his life, the vehicle that was driven by the suspect came straight and went on head collision with vehicle money.

The suspect was driving a Mercedes compressor model 2 unidentified vehicles stopped along the side and started working on opening the vehicle, to collect all the money inside and it was also reported that R1. 2 million was stolen from the vehicle.


After the other 4 suspects had done with their job they realized that one was still stuck on the vehicle they used to ram the money truck.


They didn't hesitate to leave him behind because police were already on the way, the 4 suspects had no other option but to leave him behind.

The suspect was left stuck in the car until police arrived on the scene and the paramedics together with road police work on helping the suspect out of the vehicle.