Many celebrities are going through a lot. Many of them such as Shona Ferguson and Tshepo Tshola lost their lives. Some are burying their loved ones while others continue to battle against diseases including the deadly Covid-19.

Lungisani Ndlovu gospel is Mzansi's actor who plays the character of Myeni on's show, Durban General. Besides giving the viewer's a reason to stay glued up on television screens all night waiting to watch Durban Gen, Ndlovu is a Gospel musician. Lungisani has not only been on TV for Durban Gen. He has also played s character of a Correctional Service Officer on Uzalo known for telling the story of crime in communities.

Musician and actor, Lungisani Ndlovu has been in and out of the hospital, battling against Lung and Liver infections. Ndlovu opened up about how it continues to not be easy battling against those and asked the public to put him in prayers in all that he is going through.

"I need prayers because my life is falling apart. I am in pain and the lung and liver are two of the most important parts of the body. Having them not function well worries me", Ndlovu said.

"When people look at me from a distance, they think all is well but I am in serious pain. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. The doctors took a long time to find out what was wrong with me", Lungisani added

Lungisani Ndlovu who began his singing career with Living Voices music group in 2007 before releasing his albums was supposed to now be enjoying the fruits of his hard work from his recently released album. Unfortunately, we plan but God decides in the end. He released an album on the 5th of August after he was admitted to a hospital for about a month.