Twitter has become a hotspot for fans who are frequently asking celebrities to help them pay for their bills. Celebrities like Natasha Thahane have been doing their best to buy electricity for fans who were struggling to make end meets.

From electricity to transport fares, South African celebrities have been sponsoring these people. However it seems like there are those who are taking advantage of these local celebrities. These people have gone from asking electricity top-ups to asking celebrities to fund their lavish dreams. Recently Boity has been a target of this parasitic act made by a fan.

The fan reached out to Boity asking her to buy her an iPhone 11 pro max so that she could create a YouTube channel. The phone retails from a whopping R17 000 to R20 000 (depends where you purchase it), making it one of the most expensive smartphones in the country. Even Boity felt taken advantage of when she saw the tweet. She was left with no other choice but to be honest with the fan.


"Please buy me an iPhone 11 pro max, I wanna create a YouTube channel @Boity." The fan pleaded.

As soon as the South African rapper saw this tweet, she didn't hesitate to reply back.

"No my babe. That's thoroughly wild. Askies." Boity retweeted the fan's tweet with a response.

The thread garnered a lot of attention from fans. Others criticized the girl for asking too much from Boity. They called out her audacity to ask for such an expensive phone. However, there are those who took the opportunity to ask for more favours from Boity. Unfortunately, the 'Bakae' rapper was no longer interested in Twitter opportunistic. Meanwhile, the girl defended herself when tweeps started coming for her.

She twisted the story saying that she was only trying to get Boity's attention which she finally got when the rapper retweeted her tweet.

She then asked people to follow her so that she could grow her account. Still most people aren't buying her story. This is what they said to her.

"If you really want to be a're gonna go for don't need to wait for expensive equipment..hun I have 1+ subscribers and I'm using Samsung Galaxy j1 for editing."

"Yoh so to start a YouTube channel you must have an iPhone? Not just an iPhone, an iPhone 11 pro max."

"iPhone 11 is not the only one that can help you start YouTube page yoh."