#FARPost can confirm that Bloemfontein Celtic's move to KwaZulu Natal is complete. The name has officially changed to Royal AM.
Bloemfontein Celtic

This is a letter written to all clubs by acting CEO, Mato Madlala."

This is killing our football...you are a fool for buying Celtic and relocate it...that team has a very huge following in that province, best in the country when playing at home just like black leopards.

Everyone is concerned about the fans, but the players, management and the overall staff.

People from free state stay strong maybe one of the business people around there will buy another club and rename it Celtics. Why cant they exchange the status, maybe Bloemfontein Celtics keep their original name but play in e place of Royal AM in e second division league? killing it completely is not ok truelly.

Then Celtics supporters must come back to ChiefsShame I feel for them.

Celtics had problems and I believe the first option to sell was presented to any Free State business people but didn't buy or help the team. Instead of the team being liquidated, it's better to sell.

The way Botha loved this team shem, i wonder how he feels now.