Zahara Drunk singing

A bizarre video of Zahara singing has caught some negative attention from social media users. This is because the Nyamezela hitmaker seemed a bit intoxicated and was apparently stumbling her lyrics.

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It is no secret that Zahara had struggled with alcohol usage and had made it a point to quit. Now, the songstress is facing backlash after a recent video of her singing with a group of men and seemingly the only one who is drunk, went viral.
Mean and degrading comments were made about Zahara, with some suggesting that she has an alcohol problem and needs help. Even Maphorisa tweeted that Zahara needs some help but he said that out of concern saying people should not judge her as she is going through a lot. 

 He, along with many other people, feel the person who posted the video is wicked and is out to sabotage Zahara ahead of her album release.

 "Don't play with Zahara please, the person who posted that video is wicked. She’s goin thtough a lot she needs help. Sauta Africa can be useless sometimes. Sauta stop this thing of bringing down people. Help Help Help Help Help," he exclaimed.
Zahara even went out to defend herself after trending almost the entire day yesterday. She said she was very happy in that video and that she stands behind her vocals. This after people said she "botched" them. "I was very happy in that moment and I stand behind my vocals. Have a blessed Sunday bethunana," she tweeted. Zahara had posted another video from the exact day the other video where she appeared too intoxicated. She was happy, jolly, high spirited and looked like she did not even touch alcohol.