Yaya Mavundla confirmed the season one finale of Becoming with a touching post on the experience of shooting the locally historic reality show.

Yaya Mavundla

Yaya Mavundla took to Instagram on Wednesday, 30 June 2021, to share a reflective post as the first season of Becoming concluded. The Connect TV-produced show, with Basetsana Kumalo at the helm as executive producer, was the first of its kind in South Africa. This is as it documented the lived experiences of the trans community, as they prepared for their transitions. The show counts as the first to feature a trans star lineup, with Mavundla as the most prominent of those personalities.

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The season finale ended with a full circle moment, as it showcased the change and growth in confidence Mavundla achieved. It also provided a segue to the possibility of a second season. Mavundla opened up about dating and the possibility of entering into a committed relationship. The angle would provide an interesting introduction to the second season of the show.

Reflecting on the journey, Mavundla stated, in part, “Thank you for the love you have shown us as cast members of Becoming. Never have I thought black Transgender people from the rurals would be given an opportunity to tell their stories on national TV on prime time and their stories aren’t told in a way that we look like a joke.”

See the post below.