Tshego has released a live performance video in support of his new single, ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT, which is off his upcoming EP, 3 Piece.

Tshego took to Instagram on Friday, 9 July 2021, to confirm the release of his ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT live performance video. The live performance video functions as a music video for the single. Moreover, Tshego directed the live performance video himself.

In the video, Tshego focuses on providing a visual experience for his single, rather than explicitly referencing the song for the visuals. Therefore, the performance starts outside the musician’s home, before he takes the viewer into his home and in to a starkly lit room for emphasis on the suggestive song. The room is dark, with lighting emanating from the light outside it.

The aim of the music video is to drive the point of the song home, which was detailed as, “Kick starting the countdown to the EP release is, ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT which is Tshego’s ode to sexual consent. On the track, Tshego expresses his sexual desires, his prowess, and makes sure to clarify that he’s only interested in engaging in these intimate acts if the other party is also enthusiastically eager.”

Watch the ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT live music video below.