Tshego has released the first single, ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT, off his upcoming three-track EP titled 3 Piece.
Tshego has released the first single

Tshego took to Instagram on Friday, 9 July 2021, to confirm the release of the first single off his three-track EP, 3 Piece, with the upbeat ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT. The artist experienced a delay in the rollout of the new EP due to the passing of his mother, which he shared on Instagram.

In June 2021, the rapper wrote a touching message on Instagram dedicated to his mother, stating, “This week has been hard for us without you, and I don’t see it getting any easier. I can’t say goodbye – instead I’ll say goodnight for now. I’ll see you soon mom.”

Moreover, the release of the single marks the EP’s availability for pre-order, as it is set to be officially available on Friday, 16 July 2021. According to the supporting statement released with the single, “On ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT, the final track on 3 Piece, Tshego expresses his sexual desires, brags about his prowess, and makes sure to clarify that he’s only interested in engaging in these intimate acts if the other party is also enthusiastically eager.”

The single is available for purchase on Apple Music.

Listen to ONLY IF YOU LIKE THAT below.