Toya Delazy has reacted to accusations that she is no longer relevant, penning an open letter suggesting that the alleged cyberbullying is because of her sexual orientation.
Toya Delazy

Toya Delazy took to Twitter on Monday, 5 July 2021, to circulate an open letter in video form. The open letter addresses the alleged cyberbullying the musician has been facing at the hands of so-called Black Twitter. It all started when Delazy commented on the contentious post by embattled businessman, Mandla Lamba, attempting to showcase the supposedly healthy state of his marriage. This was all in light of the domestic abuse allegations levelled against Lamba.

Seemingly not aware of the context, Delazy claimed to be smitten over the couple. A Twitter user commented that the tone deaf comment was an indication of why she “fell off.” In a poll which they seemingly believed would have a different result, Delazy questioned whether the suggestion was true. According to the Twitter poll created by Delazy, 87 percent of the votes affirmed that the public does believe that she is no longer relevant.

In light of the above, it was then alleged that Delazy and her team enlisted influencers to propagate the #HandsOffToyaDelazy trend and support the release of her new album, AFROWAVE. In response, Delazy first indicated that she was unbothered. Moreover, in the open letter, she stipulated the reasons as her sexual orientation journey strengthening her, further claiming that South Africa has bigger issues than her relevance.

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