Priddy Ugly has confirmed his album readiness with the reveal of the title, cover art and release date of his upcoming album, SOIL.

Priddy Ugly took to Instagram on Tuesday, 6 July 2021, to confirm the readiness of his upcoming studio album, SOIL. The shared post revealed the title of the album, which extends to read as SOIL: a true look into my reflection. Moreover, the post served to confirm the release date and the tracklist of the upcoming album.
Priddy Ugly

As previously indicated by the rapper before the latest post, the singles which he has released so far this year were songs that will not be part of the studio album. However, they did serve to not only promote the upcoming release, but also increase Priddy Ugly’s profile in mainstream discourse. Therefore, the tracklist features nine new tracks, consisting of three collaborators.

Included in the feature list are rappers, Zulu Mecca on Let Me Out, Blxckie and HD on Dead Jungle, and Maglera Doe Boy on Rap Relay. It is unclear if the album will continue to only advance Priddy Ugly’s rap ethos of focusing on the pen and writing ability, or if he will opt to include upbeat singles. Priddy Ugly has previously faced backlash for reportedly not being commercial enough. However, he has been adamant that that is not his aim when making music.

See the post below.