Pearl Modiadie shared an image of her nuclear, multi-cultural family in light of the continued questions on the ethnicity of her firstborn, Olivier Lewatle.
Pearl Modiadie

Pearl Modiadie took to Twitter on Friday, 2 July 2021, to share a post of her toddler son, looking at his nanny from inside the house. The postmarked a return by Modiadie onto the platform, since taking a break from posting. She reportedly took a break from social media, after the story of her alleged sexual misconduct claims against a superior during her tenure as a Metro FM radio personality, went public.

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Her return post, which showed the back of Lewatle, as Modiadie has been conscious about not sharing his face on social media, rehashed questions of his ethnicity. This is as Lewatle is fairer in complexion than his mother, due to his father being of European descent. While Modiadie has been open about the fact, she has never shared images of the father of her child.

However, in light of Twitter users continuously highlighting the difference in complexion between herself and her child, Modiadie eventually shared an image. In the image, Modiadie, Lewatle and the father are all together. Modiadie has not shared the name of Lewatle’s father, as she continues to maintain her privacy.

See the post below.