Pauliss Cupido from Survivor SA: Immunity Island unpacked his reasons for allegedly over-consuming food reserves, as well as the alleged misogyny he displayed on the show.
Pauliss Cupido from Survivor SA

On Friday, 25 June 2021, Pauliss “Paul” Cupido from Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island agreed to a virtual interview with JustNje, following his elimination from the eighth season of the show. Cupido was the fourth castaway to be voted off the island.

According to a statement shared by M-Net on Thursday, 24 June 2021, “The factions clashed at an explosive Tribal Council and accusations of dishonesty and misogyny filled the air like smoke from the fire pit. When Nico lays bare Carla’s lie as part of the explanation of how voting will work, she decides not to bequeath her Immunity Necklace to anyone, hoping that it will split the votes and get Paul out. Not her first ‘power move’, the decision – coupled with Santoni’s effective role as a double agent – saw everyone bar Chappies and Anela vote for Paul, sending him off to snack, elsewhere.”

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When speaking on whether he believes his eating was excessive on the show, Cupido stated, “I stand behind it. I mean, we, I know I exerted more energy than anyone else (in the Zamba tribe).” Adding, “I’m saying when I’m hungry, I’m going to eat and if there’s sugar cane in abundance why should I not eat.”

Moreover, addressing the suggestion of misogyny expressed by the women of the Zamba tribe during the challenge and tribal, Cupido stated, “What can I say, is that for me, I talk to kids everyday, all day; and if they don’t listen, then I must change my approach, you know.”

He went on to suggest that as the initial game plan fell through, the men in the team became frantic. Essentially, he explained that due to the frenzy, the lack of listening was not to affront the women, rather, their actions were reflective of them trying to catch up. He added, “If you say I’m not listening (referring to the women of Zamba), why don’t you lift?”