NaakMusiQ and DJ Naves were the two South Africans that recanted their public support for Al Ahly, after South Africans threatened to retract their support for them.
NaakMusiQ and DJ Naves

NaakMusiQ took to Twitter on Saturday, 17 July 2021, to affirm his support for Al Ahly. The post was shared ahead of the CAF Champions League final between the Egyptian football club and South Africa’s Kaizer Chiefs. In light of South Africa’s Kaizer Chief’s being in the final, local football fans had opted to either publicly endorse the team, or kept their thoughts off the internet if they were in support of Al Ahly.

However, it seems that NaakMusiQ and DJ Naves either did not get the memorandum, or the two were aiming to instigate their followers on Twitter. NaakMusiQ shared a post with a caption which affirmed his support for Al Ahly. Moreover, the supporting post wrote, “Even if Kaizer Chiefs plays alone, I will support the stadium.”

The post received over 234 comments before NaakMusiQ deleted it. It seems that the comments section was filled with Kaizer Chiefs supporters and other Twitter users who did not take lightly to the post. The musician and actor has had an antagonistic relationship with the platform in light of the nicknames he got through his feuds with Prince Kaybee. Therefore, NaakMusiQ deleted the post so that he could not be reminded of the meme and names spawned by Prince Kaybee.

DJ Naves, on the other hand, seemed to have embraced inciting antagonism from Twitter users. Naves took to Twitter to share a picture of himself wearing the Al Ahly club shirt. When asked why he was supporting the team and showing it on the platform, DJ Naves responded by writing, “It’s a joke.”

However, the joke seemed to change to sincerity following the defeat of Kaizer Chiefs by Al Ahly. DJ Naves went on to share more celebratory images, as the focus for South Africans shifted to the fact that Pitso Mosimane was the coach which led the team to victory.

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