Major League DJz feature Daliwonga

The Major League DJz featured vocalist, Daliwonga, as part of the fourth episode of the third season of the Balcony Mix sets, which are focused on amapiano vocalists.

The Major League DJz took to Instagram on Saturday, 10 July 2021, to confirm the availability of the fourth episode of the third season of the Balcony Mix sets. The third episode of the new season continued to highlight amapiano vocalists by featuring male vocalist, Daliwonga following previous featured artists, Focalistic, Amaroto and Boohle.

This edition of the on-location sets was shot at a Bounce gaming arcade in Waterfall. While the previous episode, which featured Boohle, was focused on a vocally led set, this over hour-long set is a fusion of an amapiano instrumental set and a more modern sound of amapiano. However, the set breaks into a vocally charged set mid-way, to allow for singles featuring Daliwonga’s vocals to take precedence.

Daliwonga manages to use the Bounce as his stage, as he sings along to his songs which are played by the Major League DJz. Additionally, the twins manage to strike the balance between fusing Daliwonga’s more commercial hits with his less known and publicised singles.

Watch the Balcony Mix set below