Jub Jub Uyajola 9/9
Jub Jub steered the back-to-back episodes of Uyajola 9/9 again this week, with the first episode featuring the first man of the season to write to the show.

Moja Love took to Twitter on Friday, 16 July 2021, to share previews of the then upcoming episodes of Uyajola 9/9. Firstly, the previews revealed that co-host, Jub Jub was set to be at the helm of the back-to-back airing of the popular infidelity reality show. This marked the second time that Jub Jub steered both episodes, while co-host, Moss Makwati has yet to present a back-to-back airing.

Moreover, in light of the awareness that Jub Jub would be hosting both episodes, fans of the show geared up for participants of the episodes to be gaslighted by him. In true form, Jub Jub did as was expected and added commentary that aimed to fuel an already volatile situation. This was seen through the comment Jub Jub made about the first man to write into the show this season.

Thuso, who wrote to the show to find out if his wife has been cheating on him, was on the receiving end of Jub Jub’s slick tongue. Thuso, who is a man married to a young woman, found out that not only is his wife cheating on him, but he also found out that she might have married him for financial security. Furthermore, the money that he allegedly supports her with is also reportedly being shared with her lover. Jub Jub appeared to make matters worse when he supposedly body shamed the husband, by asking the wife if she is aware that her husband is “curvy.”

In the second episode, the highlight of the episode was one which was captured by the camera crew, rather than the storyline. Unathi wrote into the show to find out whether her boyfriend has been cheating on her. While he was allegedly discovered to have been cheating, which he vehemently denied, during the altercation, one of the female bodyguards lost her wig while trying to intervene in the situation. Fans could not get over the reality of the situation.

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