Gomora has started its new A-storyline, focusing on the affair between Melusi and Thathi, which is currently being condoned by viewers of the show.

Melusi’s infidelity in Gomora

Mzansi Magic took to Twitter on Monday, 5 July 2021, to share an excerpt of this week’s A-storyline on Gomora, which is set to focus on the affair between Melusi, played by Zolisa Xaluva, and Thathi, played by Katlego Danke. The storyline is set to focus on their budding affair, and the proximity they will face at being discovered by Melusi’s wife, Gladys, played by Thembi Seete.

Gomora’s A-storyline is motivated by the passing of their son, Langa, who was played by Siyabonga Xaba. The intimacy between the two parents is justified, as it is portrayed as the two comforting one another after the passing of their love child.

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Hence, the two shared their first kiss during the airing of the episode on Monday. The rest of the storyline this week is expected to focus on the two attempting to deny their feelings for each other, before they finally succumb to their feelings, and as suggested by Twitter users, “attempt to make a second Langa.” However, what has been peculiar to see is the manner in which viewers have not only welcomed, but condoned the storyline.

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General consensus on infidelity, especially as a social media discourse, has been widely frowned upon. However, that tone changed with the Gomora infidelity. The condoning thereof is not supported due to the couple mourning the loss of their son, but is condoned as it is believed that Thathi is the one that got away from Melusi. The sentiments suggest that Gladys was the one that Melusi settled for.

Surprisingly, instead of the conversation speaking to the phenomenon mentioned above and how it plays out within a relationship, social media users have focused on how Melusi is fortunate to finally get a chance to rekindle his relationship with the one that got away.

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