The Way Ngingakhona Moja Love

The latest episode of The Way Ngingakhona marked the end of Inno and Tholang’s friendship, which was fueled by fan-favourite, Elle, and the end of Tholang’s relationship.

Moja Love took to Twitter on Tuesday, 13 July 2021, to share a preview of the then upcoming episode of The Way Ngingakhona. The A-storyline of The Way Ngingakhona detailed the end of Tholang and Inno’s friendship, which was fueled by Josie and Elle’s fighting.

The demise of Tholang and Inno’s friendship was long predicted by the fans of the show. The two have been at loggerheads since the first episode, whether it was over a man, Inno’s toxic relationship with MJ, or how success has reportedly changed the both of them. What was initially a bond between the two seems to have dissipated to toxicity and actions of gaslighting from both sides.

However, a silver lining to the show was that it confirmed that with the three cast members’ relationships thinning, there might need to be new cast members added. The fans have called for the show to consider including friend of the show, Elle, as a regular cast member. This is as Elle has reportedly shown her loyalty to her friends, and has also portrayed that she will stick up for them as she did for Tholang.

In this season, viewers have not seen the friends protecting one another, instead, this season of the show has showcased the classism and factions within the LGBTQI+ community. The show was conceptualised to showcase the community spirit of the LGBTQI+, however, this season has shown the opposite. This includes the segregation and suggested competition in the gay community, effeminate men with trans women, and the suggestions of bisexuality as a catalyst of gaslighting and baiting of both genders.