Culoe De Song has revealed that he has accepted the calling, and is currently undergoing initiation, which explains the string of suggestive tweets in the past.

Culoe De Song took to Twitter on Monday, 5 July 2021, to confirm that he has accepted his ancestral calling. The afro-house producer-DJ announced the news with a post of himself donning traditional regalia, with an image of him dancing with those assumed to be his fellow initiates. After sharing the post, comments affirmed that considering his musicality and musical style, it made sense.

While the confirmation post formally announced De Song undergoing the initiation process, he has been posting suggestive posts since as early as June 2021. However, due to his musical style and his continuous celebration of his heritage, the attire and beadwork that he has previously been seen wearing were believed to be an aesthetic choice, rather than him fulfilling a calling.

Due to the complexities of the initiation, it would be for the article to assume that De Song is being initiated to become a sangoma. In recent tellings of the initiation process, it has been detailed that each person that undergoes the process has a different gift and calling to fulfil. As a result, the terms given to the initiates differ. Therefore, as De Song has not stated what his calling is or his title, it is unclear what his gift(s) are.

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