Boity returned to Twitter with a post detailing her reason for her recent silence as not having the right words to say, which has been met with scepticism.

Boity Thulo took to Twitter on Thursday, 15 July 2021, to share her thoughts on the current socio-political state of the country. Arguably, the personality pre-empted the backlash she might receive for her silence in the past few days, as the post relayed the reason for her silence before anyone had said anything.

She stated, “The government does not give AF (a f**k) about its people. It’s horrifying and downright depressing! Everything we are witnessing has been a long time coming! I just wish I knew the right thing to say and how to help. Everything we are witnessing makes one feel almost debilitated.”

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Thulo has been lauded before by Twitter users for the manner in which she has been vocal about female and gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) issues locally. Moreover, in the past, she used her platform to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and the End SARS movement, which is why she was met with scepticism this time around. This is as some Twitter users questioned her alleged sudden public stance on the matter.

One Twitter user wrote, “Boity talking about the lootings today baffles me, I take it something happened which is affecting her bag. We all know our celebs.” The post was debated by media personality, Olwee, who added, “My guess is exactly because of this. She probably didn’t want to say anything wrong and took time to process. Then she said something, but because you can’t find fault, you question the motive. Also, Boity is always speaking out.”

It would seem that despite the public claiming that Thulo has always been outspoken, the memory of Roach Gate has not been forgotten. The dent which Thulo created when she spoke out of anger has not been forgotten by Twitter users, some of whom repeatedly remind the star of the dent and her position as a commercial media personality. However, that has not deterred her.

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