Fans of Moja Love’s The Way Ngingakhona commented on how the latest episode highlighted the toxicity of the relationships of the stars of the show, especially MJ.

Fans of Moja Love’s The Way Ngingakhona c

Moja Love took to Twitter on Tuesday, 29 June 2021, to share the preview of the then upcoming episode of The Way Ngingakhona. According to the post, Inno revisited his maternal family to conduct a traditional ceremony. Moreover, the arc of the episode was set to detail the matter of Inno being denied his inheritance, due to his sexual identity and the familial relationship dynamics which govern it.

However, for fans watching the show, the story was immaterial as the conversation following the airing of the episode centred on the toxicity of Inno, Tholang and MJ’s friendship. Tholang and Inno got involved in a squabble, in light of Tholang opting to comment when Inno’s boisterous cousin questioned the relationship between MJ and his new girlfriend. However, the biggest takeaway from the closing scene involving the cast and Inno’s cousins, was the toxicity that MJ exhibited.
The Way Ngingakhona

For the previous episodes of the new season, MJ has shared his tumultuous relationship with the mother of his child, Sanchia. Moreover, MJ has arguably pitted Sanchia and Inno against one another by supposing that they are both enamored and in love with him. Therefore, it came as a surprise when he introduced Nthabiseng as his girlfriend. What was even more surprising, was that he brought his new girlfriend to such an intimate and personal experience.

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Viewers claimed that the toxicity of the friendship between Inno, Tholang and MJ highlighted what is believed to be the nature of the toxicity of relationships in the LGBTQI+ community. The show highlighted that despite the grouping of the differently identifying various gender and orientation groups, that unity and camaraderie is not guaranteed. Moreover, within the umbrella grouping, there are divisions which eventually play out as they have on The Way Ngingakhona.

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